From designing and planning video game stages I wish existed, to developing skills in martial arts that eventually led me to get my black belt, my childhood consisted of displaying my creativity. I continued to express this in high school where I was exposed to a technological design course and solved multidisciplinary problems using advanced technology. Above all, this course helped to elucidate that technology has a major impact on our lives and in the world around us. Knowing that I could use these skills to confer societal benefits, it became apparent that I wanted to pursue a career in this direction. From that point forward, I began my journey of studying Systems Design Engineering.

I'm currently in my third year of Systems Design Engineering. This program allows me to explore a variety of engineering and business related topics, ultimatley supporting my passion for Product Management. Whether during co-op terms where I work in a professional environment for four months, or while taking complex courses in university, I always try to find ways to explore technologies and products that I'm interested in. Below are some of the skills that I've developed throughout my career journey thus far, as well as my past experiences.


UX Design

Software Development

Data Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Strategic Thinking

User Research

Product Research

Leadership and Management


Product Manager @ Alcumus

May - August 2022

Researched areas of improvement, co-lead design and development of various features, and communicated issues with stakeholders for 3 health and safety products.

Product Integration Analyst @ Paramount Commerce

September - December 2021

Tested, troubleshot, and improved a payment processing API product used by over 200 sports betting and iGaming companies

Project Engineer @ BWX Technologies

January - April 2021

Lead the development of the software that tracked, transferred, and computed data used to accellerate a $140-million nuclear project.

Technical Project Manager @ Waterloop

January 2021 - Present

Leading a team of Designers and Software Developers to create a dashboard used to control a hyperloop train.